ACCRO 2018 Infographic

How was Agile Coach Camp 2018?

This infographic is a brief overview of our great experience at Agile Coach Camp 2018. Our community is expanding, we are creating history together – we’re already at the 3rd edition and, most importantly, we attended many helpful sessions.

Thanks again to our sponsors and to all the participants that helped make all this happen, see you in 2019!

Icons Source: (c)Andrian Valeanu, (c)Creative Corp, (c)Umar Irshad, (c)Adiante Apps, (c)Arjan Farzkenari, (c)Just Icon, (c)Icons8, (c)ilo Demarco

The names of the sessions are:

1. Empower Agile Coaches & Transformation in Big Organizations
2. Draw a moon and other games
3. Dada story
4. Metrics 4 teams evaluations
5. Lego Design Thinking & Design Thinking
6. Retrospective Master Class
7. Challenges of multiple locations agile teams
8. Improv theatre
9. Business Analisys
10. Personality types & base fears
11. Leadership skills
12. Value Stream Mapping
13. Coaching Dojo
14. Visual facilitation
15. Happiness and finding meaning
16. PBL Prioritization with XP Game
17. Marketplace – learning & innovation
18. Deal with difficult teams
19. Long term planning
20. Liberating structures 101
21. No-nonsense decision making via metrics
22. 5 Dysfunctions of a team & High performing Teams
23. Coaching model applied to feed-back
24. Fundraising – giving back campaign
25. Design Thinking
26. Powerful questions