2019 Edition

From 31st May till 2nd June 2019 we met again in the beautiful Trout Farm “Păstrăvăria Albota“, in the heart of Transylvania for the fourth edition of Agile Coach Camp Romania. Two days of learning and playing on the topic of Agile, with participants from Romania, The Netherlands and Germany.

The Pre-Event

We wanted to start with a warm-up to get us in the creative mood and be prepared for two days of intense collaborative learning. So we started with a pre-event, on Friday from 4pm. People that arrived by that time, despite the rain, were welcomed by a series of challenges with an Agile flavour that were both funny and slightly stretching their comfort zone:

Build a Marshmallow Tower…

Lift the cup…

Invent & sing an Agile Song…

Buddy you’re a team, make a big choice,
Playing with the Gantt’s gonna be delay today!
Waterfall on your face, you big disgrace
Kicking your project allover the place.

We will, we will SCRUM you! (x3)

Open Space

Agile Coach Camp is an Open Space Technology event and the Agenda emerges from the participants. So on Saturday morning we opened the day by filling the grid with the topics the participants prepared before or wanted to host a session inspired by the conversations.

Setting up the agenda
Participants are lined up in a queue to post ideas for sessions in the agenda

That’s why our mottos are “Prepare to be Surprised” and “Dare, Share, Care“.

This year, as a premiere, we had a session proposed by a kid! It was a Drawing Lesson, really appreciated by the grown-ups who participated.

Topics & Sessions

Here is an insight into our topics and sessions at Agile Coach Camp ’19:

Our Topics

  • Why Scrum correctly applied works?
  • How can we help colleagues recruit better Scrum Masters (w/ Liberating Structures)
  • What motivates people? What doesn’t?
  • Choose your sprint story (What do you say after you say ‘Hello’?)
  • Drawing improvisation with kids from 1-100
  • Group Facilitation – grabbing attention
  • The Power of Habits
  • Scaling Agile
  • Discover Your Values
  • Scrum Outside Work
  • PBL Challenge Game
  • The Meetings are Killing Me (Facilitation tips)
  • PO Game with Duplik
  • Journey to CTC and Beyond
  • Collectively Create User Stories with Storycubes
  • Drawing Lessons
  • Agile With Non-Technical Teams
  • Performance Testing in Sprints
  • Life Purpose Discovery
  • DevOps Chocolate & Lego
  • Team Formation (Lencioni & Scrum)
  • Stop Motion Movie Modelling With Clay

Night Activities

Really appreciated are Night Activities, that include games like Mafia (Werewolves), Powerpoint Karaoke…

Powerpoint Karaoke
Camp Fire

Great Community!

We had a great time at ACCRO ’19 and hope to have brought a bit closer the Agile Community in Romania! Looking forward for 2020 Edition…

More photos on Facebook.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

The event was made better with the help from our awesome sponsors:

Mozaic Works

Adore Me


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