2021 Edition

10-12 September, Albota Trout Farm, Sibiu

We did it again!

For the fifth time, Agile Coach Camp Romania community met at Albota Trout Farm, near Sibiu, Transylvania.

We were gifted with a fantastic weather, warm and cozy end of summer, near Carpați mountains.

On Friday we warmed up with our Pre-Event.

We were drawing cities out of geometrical forms, then evolving them to adapt to hard times and finally building our Dream City out of paper.

Do you feel any resemblance to the real world Teams? How did you adapt? What was your Dream Team?

Thanks everyone for the inspiring talks and drawings!

We then opened the event officially. Rules are rules, wearing a mask is mandatory inside! Thank you everyone for keeping the rules througout the event! Big kudos to all participants for that!

Night Activities: Powerpoint Karaoke!

For those who did not yet have a chance to experience it, Powerpoint Karaoke is an Improv experience where people perform presentations based on random (serious) slides and a given (funny) topic. We were amazed how many people dared to take their chance and I bet they were not dissapointed.

Open Space: the Marketplace

Down to serious business, the next day in the early morning we started to fill in the Marketplace:

ACC RO ’21 Marketplace topics

Here is a list of the topics we had:

  • Rezistența la schimbare (Resisting to change)
  • Agile Coach is “On fire”
  • Agile at Scale (8000+ people, 80+ programmes)
  • Agile – cea mai bună metodă de a “controla” (Agile = the best method to “control”)
  • Retrospective tools we use when WFH (full remote)
  • Problem solving workshop in Agile @ Scale
  • Influența Social Media asupra oamenilor (Social Media influence on people)
  • Certificarea PMI-ACP (PMI-ACP Certification)
  • How do we F***-up so badly at communicating?
  • QA (Quality Assurance) in Agile
  • Top N cele mai ciudate moduri de a implementa Scrum/Agile (The top N most weird ways to implement Scrum / Agile)
  • #NO ESTIMATES & Story Map
  • Planning roulette with Monte Carlo
  • Coaching Supervision (ONLINE)
  • Coaching the ICF Board (ONLINE)
  • What is Coaching? (ONLINE)
  • Team toxins ☠
  • Impediment Workout (ONLINE, from Scrum Masters Workout community)
  • Poveste impro (IMPROV Story)
  • Autoapărare (Krav Maga) (Self defense with Krav Maga)
  • Draw the Moon game
  • OKRs: Outcome vs. Output
  • Personality models: MBTI, DISC, PCM, LSI, ZODII
  • Big Room planning
  • Mob Programming game with “Baba is You game”
  • Full body scan meditation
  • Autoaparare pentru fete (Self defense for girls)

We continued the tradition that children propose topics at Agile Coach Camp Romania! Congratulations to all children that were involved in the discussion (“Social Media influence on people“), you behaved like profesionals!

The Sessions

Online / Hybrid Track Experiment

This edition we experimented with an Online track. Our friends from the community Amarantho Robey from the Netherlands, and Daniel Hommel and Cristina Mühl from Germany were kind to offer sessions on Saturday on “Coaching Supervision“, “What is Coaching?“+ Solution Focused Coaching details, “Impediment Workout” – an example from Scrum Masters Workout community and “Coaching the ICF Germany Board” – a story about “coaching the ICF coaches” experience.

Thank you!

Keep on Playing!

And because playing is in our DNA – we had a lot of it!

Camp Fire

This was our experience at Agile Coach Camp Romania 2021. We hope you enjoyed it, we are excited to have made it happen in-person during these times.

See you next time!!!


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Organizing Team:

Adi Suciu, Lucian Adrian Stroie, Oana Trufin, Eugen Pleșca, Tudor Marciu, Cristi Cârnicianu, Costin Calisov