2022 Edition at A Glance

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The 6th edition of Agile Coach Camp Romania took place from 9th to 11th of September 2022 at Albota Trout Farm.

Agile Coach Camp Romania at a Glance
Agile Coach Camp Romania ’22 at a glance

Pre-Event: Build the Agile Coach Vision-in-a-Box

Innovation: Teepees

For the first time we used the “Teepee” (small tent) concept, for sharing the session outcomes in smaller groups. Tippies were named after some of the Agile values: “Dare”, “Share”, “Care”, “Courage”, “Openness”.

They created their own identity and showed it off:

Open Space: Open to your senses

This year we had a special opening theme on Saturday morning.

We wanted to offer a different, highly sensory-oriented experience.

Wearing medieval costumes, playing a mix of forest sounds we anchored the audience in the past Primordial Forest.

Walking barefoot on sand, rock and leaves, passing the bumblebee from one to another helped us create a sense of self-reflection and connection at the same time.


  • What does an Agile Performing Team look like?
  • Burnout
  • What is next in Agile?
  • Remote challenges Hybrid
  • Agile + Async = LOVE
  • Selfgrowth/Get rid of fixed mindset
  • How we can do TA + DEV + Testing in the sprint
  • Coaching Supervision (online session)
  • How PCM & Trainings help our teams
  • Krav-Maga self defence class
  • Metaphors with Story Cubes
  • StakMan Teambuilding Exercise
  • The Judge – PQ method to overcome saboteurs
  • Context Switching Game
  • Show off Product Box by Kids
  • Remote Self Organizing Teams
  • How to Break Eternal Groups (SM/PO/PM) resisting to change
  • Sensory exercise (barefoot walking and embodyment)


Every year, games are our way of spending the night: Powerpoint Karaoke, Werewolves, The Mind, Dixit, Ticket to Ride and… Guitar play by the fire!


A big Thank You! to our sponsors that made this event special:

BCR Logo

Blackbrick Academy

Mozaic Works

Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance

See you next year!

Orga Team: Adi Suciu, Lucian Adrian Stroie, Oana Trufin, Costin Calisov, Eugen Pleșca