Welcome to Agile Coach Camp Romania!

Welcome, ACC Romania community!

We meet again in a virtual space to discuss topics proposed by the participants.

Here is a sample:
– Has anyone experience with Liberating Structures? If so, which of them?
– What tools do you recommend for Retrospectives, etc if you are not allowed to use tools like Miro or Mural? Something that can be run on a PC or install locally.

Other themes?
– think about your topic and propose it on the spot.


We’ll be using Zoom Breakout rooms to create an experience as cool and interactive as possible

Tip: Bring your preferred drink and prepare a relaxed setting.

Let’s meet and have a nice time together again!

ACC Romania Organising Team: Oana, Cristina, Adi, Cristi, Lucian, Tudor

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Agile Coach Camp Romania

Last edition of Agile Coach Camp has taken place between 31 May – 02 June 2019, in the center of Romania at Păstrăvăria Albota (Albota Trout Farm), at 50 km from Sibiu.

This is an event organised by passionate people who want to meet in order to share and learn.

We are looking for passionate people: Coaches, Facilitators, Developers, Testers, Team leads, Change agents, Scrum masters, Product owners, Managers and others interested in Agility.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on the Contact Form.