2017 Edition

Second Edition: Albota Trout Farm

Last year we met at a bigger location to accomodate our 50-people crowd.

We chose Albota for the beautiful landscape and the vicinity to Sibiu and Transfăgărășan scenic route.

Albota Trout Farm

World Cafe

We opened the event with a World Café exercise.

Open Space

As every year, we had an elegant introduction into the Open Space Technology that will hold the topics for discussion:

Here are some of our topics for the two days:

  • Dealing with “hard heads” (non agile delivers)
  • Product AMA
  • What makes an Agile Coach?
  • The mindset of Agile and your clients place on it
  • Create cross-functional teams
  • Setting up new scrum teams
  • Truly fun and engaging retrospectives
  • Management 3.0 in life
  • Communication in software development
  • Agile with Remote teams
  • Scrum ceremonies on demand?
  • From Scrum to Scrumban
  • Technical debt running Game
  • Agile HR
  • Agile Research
  • Agile & ITIL
  • The role of PM in Agile
  • Scrum Coaching Retreat
  • Agile from Psychology Angle
  • Agile Theater (Roles, Experience, Safety)
  • Estimation in agile. Managing short/medium term expectations
  • Integration of new members in an agile team
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Resistance as a resource
  • Scrum + Design Thinkning = Love
  • Spikes – How To?
  • Teaching through games
  • Standardize decision making with scoring
  • Gica Hagi Agile Coach


Is There More About it?

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